Castles in the Netherlands 10 – Kasteel Cannenburgh

Lying about 10 km N of Apeldoorn in Gelderland, this caste is not one of the larger ones and the ‘museumjaarkart’ is not accepted, the nicely-furbished interior makes it worth the cost of entry (€9.50).

The building is almost completely surrounded by lakes and a huge park where loitering around is completely free, unlike, e.g. in Rosendael. As usual, I started outside by circling the building from behind.

P1110230 P1110246P1110244P1110251P1110253P1110256P1110228P1110227P1110238P1110234P1110260P1110261

To the left of the entrance bridge, a bronze sculpture of Field Marschall Marten van Rossem sits brooding over the time that has passed since he started building the castle in 1538.


The entrance itself is a bit unusual as we first have to go down into the basement of the castle, where the tour of the castle starts. Yes, the first darkness is the water, the floor of the basement is below that level.


At the cash-desk earlier, we get a small gadget that tells us about all interesting features of the rooms and the furniture, included in the price. Besides, there’s even a video presentation which animates a painting of Marten van Rossem himself.

P1110263P1110268 P1110269 P1110270 P1110272P1110273P1110276P1110275 P1110277P1110278P1110279 P1110284 P1110285P1110289P1110286P1110281P1110287P1110288P1110290P1110291P1110292P1110297P1110296

On the top floor under the roof, we can wonder about the exquisite wooden structure and here is one of the most interesting presentations for children, an animation bringing together unlikely people from two classical paintings of earlier centuries:


by P.S.

Walk around Leiden

Leiden is one of the most famous cities in the Netherlands, partly due to its university, which is by far the oldest in the country (University of Leiden),


partly due to its outstanding position in the country around the beginning of the development of modern Netherlands, partly as the birth city of the most notable Dutch painter, Rembrandt van Rijn


The city, originally built at the meeting of the Old Rhein and the New Rhein near the see, is today not among the largest ones in the country, but, with its numerous canals and the original river branches, it inevitably reminds one of Amsterdam on a smaller scale and a very pleasant atmosphere:

P1110092P1110093P1110096 P1110095P1110098 P1110099 P1110100P1110108 P1110107 P1110106 P1110105 P1110104 P1110103

No wonder one can see, besides hordes of cyclers in the streets, a lot of rowing parties on the waters of the city.


Hortus Botanicus, established in 1590, is the oldest botanical garden still in existence in the Netherlands.



The largest church in town, Hooglandse Kerk, formely called Sint Pancraskerk, almost became a cathedral in the 16th century. The size would make it understandable.


but we can’t really see the full size from anywhere. However, it is interesting inside due to two objects: an ancient clock worked through huge ropes working on enormous cogwheels by weights on the wall


and the “English Organ”, one built in England but taken to pieces and still being built in this church


Back to the “streets” …

P1110156 P1110155 P1110154 P1110153P1110165P1110164

As in Amsterdam, restaurants and cafes are sometimes crammed full of people even during the day


just as “rondvarten” are popular


Interestingly enough, the neighbourhood of the railways station is highly reminiscent of the same area in the HagueP1110174

Apart from this, however I look at it, it is an interesting and beautiful city with an old atmosphere worth visiting just outside of Amsterdam.

by P.S.




Castles in the Netherlands 9 – Kasteel Doornenburg

In this part of my blog, I’d like to follow my series of posts on Dutch castles and palaces that can be found on my first photo-blog available from the blogroll on the left, where all the other eight parts can be found.

This castle can be found in the village of Doornenburg S-E of Arnhem, built in the early Middle Ages at the bifurcation of the Rhein and the Waal. It is a bit difficult to reach, no public transport, most of the road leading there is narrow along the dikes, but not problematic, and of course it is no problem by bike.

It’s not a very big place although it looks fine from the dike and from further in the village.

P1110086 P1110041

We can walk round it from further or from close up.

P1110042P1110043 P1110044 P1110046 P1110047 P1110048  P1110050 P1110051P1110055 P1110056P1110058

These last photos make one believe that the tower can be visited. A word of warning, however: one can only visit inside as part of guided tours, which only start at 12:00, 14:00 and 16:00, so timing is important if one doesn’t want to wait nearly two hours for the next one. For consolation, there’s a large space in the yard for eating and drinking, which most visitors seem to be content with.

P1110060 P1110061 P1110062 P1110063P1110066P1110067P1110071P1110078

Eet smakelijk, as they say, to you too!

by P.S.