Castles in the Netherlands 15 -Kasteel Amerongen

P1110807Amerongen is situated in the heart of the Netherlands, on the border of the Province of Utrecht with Gelderland. It is easy to approach by car, but without a car, one has to take the train to Utrecht, or Veenendaal-De Klomp, and cycle from one of them. I chose De Klomp, so I cycled across Veenendaal, then kilometers of beautiful autumnal forests of Het Amerongse Bos, one of the oldest forests in Utrecht, which goes back to 1770. P1110800P1110796The Kasteel is actually no castle at all in the classical sense. Though it was build about 700 years ago, the French burned it to the ground in 1673 after the owners failed to pay the required fire tax. As a result of the rebuilding by the owners not much later, the present palace is a Dutch classicist ‘Huys’, as they often also call it.P1110856It lies on a large area of 10 ha, most of which is a beautiful park of huge trees, the rest has a charming garden (if one likes the French style) and waterways where people can rent canoes to discover it from surface level.P1110858P1110854P1110805P1110806P1110812As a building, it fails to impress but the most enthusiastic visitor. However, thanks to its history and well-preserved inside, it is worth the fee of €10, which is in fact the highest out of all castles I’ve visited so far.P1110815P1110816P1110855P1110817Not only were the owners high-class noblemen, but they made sure the interior is left as it was in 1977, when they gave over the estate to a foundation to open it to the public. It is thus quite likely that some of the furniture was used by the German Kaizer, Wilhelm II, when he abdicated the German throne, asked for asylum and lived here for 1.5 years from November 1918, before he moved over to nearby Huis Doorn. The interior is one of the most original a simple visitor to such places can ever find. Fortunately, one does not have to wait for guided tours either.P1110818P1110820P1110825P1110819P1110821P1110822P1110823P1110826P1110827P1110828P1110829P1110830P1110831P1110837P1110839P1110846P1110847The huge central hall upstairs is suitable for concerts by local amateur choruses, which was also taking place at the time of my visit.P1110849P1110850P1110841P1110853P1110852Opposite the ‘house’, the pub-restaurant is a nice place to enjoy time before or after seeing the building or the surroundings.P1110851From this point, the old church tower is also impressive just outside the complex.P1110857P1110803Kasteel Amerongen is definitely a place worth visiting for its mix of history, interior and nature surrounding it.P1110859

by P.S.

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