Prague, part 4

p1120612If one has more than two days to spend in Prague, (s)he will most probably come back to the castle again, at least to have another look at the city, even if it’s a cold, windy day. This time around, we’ll look at the outer walls of the palaces overlooking the river, then look down.p1120520p1120607p1120609On a sunny day, it looks a lot more cheerful, of course. So does the city below.p1120525p1120515But wait, what’s that dark wall over there? Closer …p1120511Still uncertain … Let’s get down there.

It’s actually within the Waldstein Palace complex, which I approached from the direction of the garden.p1120615_waldstein-palSome interesting sculptures can also be seen in the garden as we approach that wall.p1120618p1120618p1120622p1120623Some of those sculptures are quite old, this Laokoon below, for example, by a Dutch sculptor, is from the early 17th century.p1120626To the left of this path is that wall, which turns out to be called ‘dripstone’, which, outside of geology, is a a stone moulding used as a drip, also called ‘hood mould’. I’ve been to countless cities around Europe and China, but this is the first time I’ve seen such a wall. A rare sight indeed …p1120628_dripstonep1120629and there is even a big aviary for eagle owls made of these walls there.p1120632After having a good look, we can retract our steps and then, on the left side, we can go through a door to the Senate of the Czech Parliament – we have actually seen this entrance down the path among the sculptures, above. Here we get into a nice inner yard. p1120635_walstein-palaceThis is the Senate building, where, in the basement, we can see a nice collection of presents presented to members of the Parliament and other government official on their visits to a lot of countries around the world, from Zimbabwe through Turkey to Malaysia and further – a rare collection of people’s self-reflection.p1120638p1120640Only then did I find the front of the palace. Looking around a bit here, I finish my accounts of Prague. Hope you’ve enjoyed all of it and that you can also visit this gem of Middle-Europe, or similar Czech cities if you haven’t already been there.p1120642p1120643p1120645p1120648p1120650

By P.S.

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