Castles in the Netherlands 17 – Kasteel Schaloen and Genhoes

P1140045This little castle (seen here only above the roof of its outhouse from the main road) stands just outside the little village of Oud Valkenburg near Valkenburg, a nice little town in Brabant, a short drive from Maastricht, in the Netherlands. While it can’t be visited inside, the building is beautiful enough for us to give it a look on a day out when the weather is good. It can easily be reached by bike as well, and it’s a good walk from Valkenburg as well near/across some nice forest. The creek the Kleine Geul also provides a nice background along the way.P1140074Along the back road and following path, there are a few other places to be used or visited: tennis courts, a football field, another old building complex houses and old people’s home, then, above on the hill, there is also a nice old house called De Kluis. I didn’t have enough time to walk up there, so I went on around the castle.P1140051P1140052Of course it is more impressive from the south, the direction of the entrance across from the moat. The buildings to the left contain the holiday homes.P1140055P1140056P1140057A little walk across the gatehouse, which is not a nice brasserie, takes us to the castle to the right and the old outhouses to the left, where one can stay the night.P1140059P1140061P1140062Unfortunately, one can’t join the people lunching on the entrance terrace of the castle, nor visit, but sitting down for a bear or meal outside the brasserie in this neighbourhood still is a nice programme.P1140064

I have also made a little video around there, you can see it hereĀ or below.

Those a bit more nosey could also look at another old castle from the corner of the path around the former: Kasteel Genhoes.P1140053The old name means “The House”. Unfortunately, this can only be seen from the outside too and can’t be walked around, even though it has a moat around too, but the area is completely private. It can be approached to the left of the path connecting the Schaloen to the main road and then taking the first to the left again.P1140067P1140071P1140070No entry! But we can peek. Somebody has some nice big space there.P1140069

by P.S.